Are weight loss clinics safe?

It will depend on weight, diet, training and medical history. Some clinics may ask you to also consider taking medication.

Are weight loss clinics safe?

It will depend on weight, diet, training and medical history. Some clinics may ask you to also consider taking medication. Even so, if you regain weight after finishing the program, bariatric surgery is also an option. Your primary care doctor is a great person to ask, says Dr.

Your doctor may already be certified (there are currently about 3,000 graduates in obesity medicine) or may be able to refer you to someone who is. You can also try the Obesity Medicine Association provider locator. If you don't live near an academic or comprehensive center, you can make an initial visit to one and then follow up remotely with a nearby doctor. Telemedicine uses computer and video technology to allow access to specialists when none are nearby.

Does the waiting room have furniture designed for older people? Is the staff sensitive and not judgmental? Is this a place where you feel safe talking about your body? “You may have a very attractive weight-loss clinic, but it may not be comfortable for patients of a certain size,” says Dr. All weight loss centers are for people who want to lose weight, but not all are equipped to treat major obesity. Primack says that some of his patients are there to lose relatively little weight, and some much more. And they should have the current technology to measure body fat composition, not a simple scale.

Even if you're doing well in your program, you'll want to be in regular contact with your doctors, says Dr. Some of their patients come every one or two months, while some long-term patients come every six months. Medical weight loss is a very effective way to lose weight for several reasons. The Flex plan is an 8-week dietitian-led program that is non-ketogenic and incorporates healthy carbohydrates into your diet.

The average weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds per week. Vadim Surikov is a licensed physician in New York, NY, who specializes in a simple, safe and successful weight loss strategy. Surikov offers science-based medical weight loss that eliminates the “madness” of weight loss. Surikov begins by performing a thorough physical exam at his weight loss clinic to identify underlying problems that may trigger weight gain and increased appetite.

He prescribes medications that can help the body to “reset”, so he will only crave a healthy amount of calories. If necessary, you can work with your current doctor to design this physician-supervised plan. Unlike other slimming doctors, Dr. Surikov follows up with a personalized hunger plan to identify the three types of hunger you are likely to experience: mental, emotional and physical.

Then, together, they design quick and simple solutions to stop any food craving in their path. Eat the foods you like, eat less and lose weight without the internal struggle, energy loss, or countless hours in the gym that most weight loss specialists insist is necessary. Surikov's unique approach, successful, stress-free, weight loss is possible. This was the first desk job and it was a change and I thought, “Oh my God.

I'm getting fat. I get to a point where I said, “I have to do something about it. I was still quite active, but it wasn't enough. I had to do something else.

I just searched online, read some of the online testimonials from Dr. Surikov and we decided to call to see what we could do. After losing weight for the past few months, I feel great. I go to meetings now and I know I look good and I know I feel good, what do I think.

Read more about Christie's experience with Dr. I was very impressed with Dr. Surikov because I had great difficulty losing weight. I went to doctor after doctor after doctor, and they look at you as if you were a hysterical woman of a certain age who has to accept that you're not going to be that size anymore.

He was the first one who said, “Well, let's see the whole body here. I know you want to lose weight, but tell me your story. It's lovely, listen, and it's very soothing to be around. Surikov takes your whole body, experience and history and then treats you.

I think it's a rarity in my experience dealing with doctors today. The other doctors I saw said things like, “Well, I don't know what to tell you. Stop eating bread. Read more about Diane's disease and her weight loss with Dr.

Surikov's Weight Loss Programs in New York, NY. I had gained a lot of weight and was having trouble losing it. I went to the gym, ate well and needed a better plan. I was a little nervous to come, but everyone here was so welcoming.

Surikov, I knew this was the right place for me. Before I came here, I tried everything you could imagine. Weight Watchers and all the fad diets. I also went to the gym and ate well, so it was important that I see a doctor and not go to something like Weight Watchers or any other group.

I needed a doctor to review my diet. Anyone who is thinking of starting a weight loss program should not hesitate to start. Come in, it can change your life for the better. When I first came to see Dr.

Surikov, I didn't know what to expect. It was comforting to see that I wanted to know what I was going through to help me figure out what my specific needs were. I think I'm still young, but I started to see some changes, especially when I noticed that I was feeling more tired. Discovering that he was able to analyze my thyroid and different hormone levels and help me achieve a uniform level naturally, was what excited me to learn more about.

Surikov presented a specific balanced eating plan that I had to stick to. I know I've seen results, so it definitely makes me want to continue and make sure I'm on the right track. I can't wait to come and see him; he's just a nice guy. I feel like he cares about my well-being and wants to make sure I'm making progress.

Read more about Elle and her review of Dr. Surikov and the medical program for weight loss. I was sitting one day, I was surfing the Internet and I said, “I need a doctor to help me lose some weight. I met him and went into the office.

He gave me a diet plan, followed the diet plan and it really worked. Then, eight months later, I started at 220 pounds and now I'm at 166.If it weren't for him, he'd probably still weigh 220 pounds. Read more about Diane's eight-month weight-loss journey and her weight-loss program interview with Dr. Weight loss clinics offer medical services for weight loss.

Doctors run medical weight-loss programs. Ensure safe weight loss with long-lasting results. Weight loss administered by a doctor offers many advantages over fast diets and other techniques of dubious quality. Non-medical weight loss programs tend to produce temporary results, mainly because of drastic calorie reduction.

Then, Surikov follows up with a monthly weight loss service that includes a unique and personalized profile and plan for hunger. Reducing calories, fat and sugar is always part of a weight-loss plan, even if prescription drugs are a facet of the program. Some of these centers, called weight-loss medical centers, focus on physician-supervised plans that include diet, exercise, and supplements. Common prescription drugs for weight loss include Orlistat, Belviq, Contrave, Saxenda, Phentermine, and Qsymia.

When you visit a credible weight-loss center, you'll have an initial consultation where a doctor will ask you about your health and medical history, lifestyle and exercise habits, and determine your body mass index (BMI), a measure of your weight relative to your height. By relying on the education and knowledge of a doctor and following a medical weight-loss program, you can rest easy knowing that you are receiving professional, individualized care and a plan that fits your unique needs. Three years ago, she enrolled in Medi-Weightloss, a national chain of doctor-supervised diet clinics, and lost 70 pounds in six months, thanks in part to counseling and prescription drugs that dulled her appetite. During a medical treatment for weight loss, the doctor will create a weight-loss diet plan that includes low-calorie foods.

Ideally, a credible weight loss clinic offers guidance under the supervision of a doctor or other trained medical professional. Endurance lifting, in which weights are lifted for at least eight repetitions per set, does not cause weight gain by muscle volume. If you are interested in finding a weight-loss medical clinic or an obesity care provider who is qualified to discuss your weight and health issues, visit the Obesity Action Agency for information and recommendations. Doctors are usually 11 to 18 years of education and will be much more knowledgeable about the topic of weight loss than any fitness professional or wellness coach.

Some centers may ask you to also consider taking medication, but if weight gain occurs after you finish the program, bariatric surgery is also an option. There are weight loss clinics and programs across the country, and while many are credible, it's important to research if you're considering this option. . .